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Advanced Driver Assistance Module (ALMAGuide): Two U.S. Patents

Today’s navigation systems are great. No pulling over to the side of the road to look at a map, or guessing how far it is to the next turn. Today’s navigation systems can do everything but get you out of the slow lane and into the lane that is moving the fastest. Until now, that is! The invention covered by this portfolio integrates an in-auto, aftermarket or smart-phone-enabled navigation system with data from traffic management centers to guide the driver to the most expeditious route to his or her destination based on current traffic conditions! The invention covered by this portfolio also applies to remote-controlled vehicles.

Patent No.Title
9,053,636Management Center Module for Advanced Lane Management Assist for Automated Vehicles and Conventionally Driven Vehicles
9,286,800Guidance Assist Vehicle Module

This portfolio would be a critical acquisition for any automobile or truck OEM, aftermarket navigation product supplier, smart phone manufacturer, and navigation services or cellular services provider.

Overmolded Electronic Modules for Electronic Circuitry (Delphi Technologies): 27 U.S. Patents and 30 Foreign Patents

This extensive portfolio from an iconic American innovator covers overmolded electronic modules for electronic circuitry and methods for forming these modules. This portfolio’s technology includes packaging for electronic circuitry that protects it from the environment, electrical interface to external components, and encapsulation of the entire circuit board to form the electronic enclosure.

The technology in this portfolio provide multiple advantages:

Patent No.Description
6,307,749Overmolded electronic module with underfilled surface-mount components
6,180,045Method of forming an overmolded electronic assembly
6,285,551Overmolded electronic assembly
6,693,239Overmolded circuit board with underfilled surface-mount component and method therefor
6,779,260Overmolded electronic package including circuit-carrying substrate
6,807,731Method for forming an electronic assembly
6,979,900Integrated circuit package with integral leadframe convector and method therefor
7,119,449Enhancement of underfill physical properties by the addition of thermotropic cellulose
7,132,746Electronic assembly with solder-bonded heat sink
7,202,571Electronic module with form in-place pedestal
7,205,652Electronic assembly including multiple substrates
7,205,653Fluid cooled encapsulated microelectronic package
7,227,758Printed circuit board assembly with integrated connector
7,230,829Overmolded electronic assembly with insert molded heat sinks
7,230,832Cooled electronic assembly and method for cooling a printed circuit board
7,268,429Technique for manufacturing an overmolded electronic assembly
7,352,070Polymer encapsulated electrical devices
7,473,585Technique for manufacturing an overmolded electronic assembly
7,485,957Fluid cooled encapsulated microelectronic package
7,537,464Electrical pin interconnection for electronic package
7,553,680Methods to provide and expose a diagnostic connector on overmolded electronic packages
7,603,770Method of overmolding an electronic assembly having an insert-molded vertical mount connector header
7,616,448Wrap-around overmold for electronic assembly
7,621,757Solderless electrical interconnection for electronic package
7,739,791Method of producing an overmolded electronic module with a flexible circuit pigtail
8,026,597Fluid cooled encapsulated microelectronic package
8,471,380Fluid cooled encapsulated microelectronic package

This portfolio would be a strategic acquisition for manufacturers of electronic circuitry packaging, semiconductor devices and memory modules, as well as automotive, marine and aircraft electronics OEMs.

In-Vehicle Infotainment System (Tabe): Two U.S. Patents and Two Applications

This portfolio consists of two issued patents and two applications (2012/852,481 and 2012/910,833) covering:

Patent No.Title
7,769,342Mega-telecommunication and information system
8,099,054Mega communication and media apparatus configured for energy harvesting and for boosting signal reception

This patented technology provides hands-free calling, 3D navigation, instant backview, rich multimedia, Internet browsing, instrument cluster settings, text-to-speech and speech-to-text, and wireless charging. Connectivity can be via Bluetooth, WiFi, CAN connectivity, GSM module, Ethernet, Micro SD and USB Host, GPS and SATA 3.0.

As consumers seek vehicles that are smarter and safer, the inventions covered by this portfolio will be increasingly in demand. Potential acquirers of this property include automotive OEMs, infotainment system suppliers and automotive component suppliers.

Advanced Restraint Systems (Tabe): Two U.S. Patents and One Application

This portfolio consists of two issued patents and one application (2013/731,177) covering the safety of an occupant in a vehicle. The technology covered by this patent:

Patent No.Title
8,251,397Advanced weight responsive supplemental restraint computer system
8,814,208Advanced weight responsive supplemental restraint computer system

Passenger safety is an increasingly important factor to purchasers of automobiles and other vehicles. The technology covered by this portfolio employs vehicle airbags to work in conjunction with seat belts by sensing the occupant’s weight, seating position, seatbelt use and seat position to determine the force with which the airbags should deploy in the event of a collision. Potential acquirers of this property include automotive OEMs and automotive component suppliers.

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