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Precise Drone Delivery System (Intelligent Innovation): One U.S. Patent and Three Design Patent Applications

This portfolio takes drone delivery of products to a new level. U.S. Patent No. 9,412,280 for a “Cooperative System and Method for Precise Autonomous Delivery” covers the high-accuracy delivery of products to desired locations by drones through an inexpensive and easy-to-implement navigation system.

It ensures precise delivery to a specific location selected by a customer. The landing zone uses a unique machine-readable identifier that requires no power or maintenance. The customer simply places the identifier where he or she wants delivery of an item, scans the unique identifier using a smartphone app, and sends the unique identifier image along with the geophysical location of the smartphone to the seller. This information is fed to a drone that navigates to the location using GPS, then searches for the unique identifier to deliver the package to the exact location requested by the customer!

The portfolio also includes three U.S. Design Patent Applications, and would be a strategic acquisition for any retailer or e-commerce business that delivers physical products to its customers.

Drone Identification System (Southern Companies): U.S. Provisional Patent Application 14/985,649

Global drone sales are approaching $20 billion and the fastest sales growth is in the U.S. Drones are used for tasks as diverse as making deliveries to inspecting electric power lines. But when a drone is buzzing over your home or business, how do you determine who owns it? FAA-licensed aircraft are clearly identified with an “N” number, but drones are not. This patent application describes a technology that’s time has come: A drone identification system. The invention includes:

The system has been prototyped and successfully demonstrated. The drone OEM or drone accessories supplier, or smart phone, laptop or tablet OEM that acquires this application and prosecutes it to a granted patent will exclusively own THE technology that will very likely become THE Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry standard!

Drone Retrieval System (Southern Companies): Technology and Know-How

One of the most significant challenges facing drone users is safely retrieving it. Landing a drone even on a flat, open surface is tricky. And if a flat, open surface is not available, retrieving a drone is both tricky and dangerous! There have been many documented instances of people losing fingers or hands, or incurring other injuries, from drones. Additionally, retrieving a drone can damage the drone itself.

The technology and know-how offered here is for a unique and proprietary “hook and loop” mechanism that grabs a drone as it lands without injuring the retriever or anyone else, and does not damage the drone. Included with the technology and know-how is a working prototype. The drone OEM or drone accessories supplier that acquires this technology will have a distinct, competitive advantage in the fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar UAV industry.

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