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Property Inspection and Tour via Drone (Zhou): U.S. Patent No. 9,581,999

Imagine being able to show your for-sale home to a potential buyer without having to actually meet with the buyer? Imagine being able to tour a home that is for sale without having to make an appointment to see the house and driving over there? This patent creates a drone-based tour of a home. It creates a path for the drone to follow, guides the drone through the property, and transmits back video from the drone. That video creates a tour of the house that can be a powerful selling tool! Or…a potential buyer can let the seller know what parts of the house are of particular interest, and the seller can create a special path for the drone that creates a custom video tour for that prospective buyer.

This patent enables relocation home buyers to tour a home in their new town without having to fly the family out there to see the house in person. It enables a home seller or real estate agent to show a home that is for sale to many, many more prospective buyers. With 16 Claims, U.S. Patent No. 9,581,999 for a “Property Preview Drone System and Method” is a robust patent that would be a critical acquisition for any real estate network that is looking for a competitive edge.

Real-Time, Multilingual Voice Alerts to Smart Devices (Verna): U.S. Patent No. 8,265,938

How do you get a time-sensitive message to dozens or hundreds of people quickly and efficiently? The invention covered by this patent converts text messages into voice alerts that are sent wirelessly (via cellular communication, wireless LAN, etc.) to smartphones, tablets, PCs, televisions, remote electronic devices in automobiles such as OnStar or IOT- connected vehicle systems, and other smart devices. This invention fills the need to efficiently transmit or broadcast instant voice alerts during times of emergencies or as part of a security monitoring system.

The patent includes text-to-voice alerts transmitted to remote computing devices as well as the generation of text message alerts and their conversion to synthesized speech. Included is the detection of activity by a sensor and the transmission of instant voice alerts regarding such activity. In addition, voice alerts can be translated into different languages. This patent creates an efficient, effective and relatively inexpensive method for notifying the public about a flood, earthquake, plane crash, auto accident, terrorist attack or other critical event. U.S. Patent No. 8,265,938 for a “Voice Alert Methods, Systems and Processor-Readable Media” would be a valuable acquisition for a cellular service provider that wants to offer its customer base a value-added service to differentiate itself from the competition.

More Efficient Optical Routers with Fewer Bottlenecks and Overloads (Barhon): U.S. Patent No. 8,073,327

The information our society generates, and then transmits to others, is growing exponentially. We currently perform 40,000 search queries every second on Google. That’s 3.5 million searches per day or 1.2 trillion searches per year! And all that data has to be pushed through a router in order for it to get where you want it to go. Looks like we need faster routers!

That is exactly what this patent addresses. Optical routers are currently unable to do packet switching unless they translate the optical data to electronic data and then back to optical, which is very inefficient. The invention covered by this patent optically marks and detects the packet headers, and translates only the headers (or parts of them) to electronic format for packet-switching decisions, keeping the rest of the packets in optical delay line. This solves the response-time problem. The invention also improves routing efficiency and bandwidth utilization by grouping together identical data packets from the same source going to the same general area with a multiple list of targets attached to each copy of the data. Additionally, the invention creates a new architecture and principles for routing based on physical geographical IP addresses.

U.S. Patent No. 8,073,327 for a “System and Method for Improving the Efficiency of Routers on the Internet and/or Cellular Networks and/or Other Networks, and Alleviating Bottlenecks and Overloads on the Network” has 18 Forward Citations and would be a strategic acquisition for a router OEM that is looking for a competitive advantage and seeking to offer more efficient router that deliver more bandwidth faster.

Cloud-Based Telecom Infrastructure Reporting (Field Dailies): U.S. Patent No. 9,082,095

A significant portion of the infrastructure is telecom-related, from cell towers to fiber optics, from LAN and WAN installations to the telephone and broadband cables strung on utility poles. Constructing, installing, repairing, upgrading and maintaining the telecom infrastructure is a huge industry in and of itself. And a serious and ongoing challenge facing that industry is reporting from the field back to headquarters on the work underway and being completed in the field. The invention covered by this patent addresses that need by describing a truly cloud-based system with built-in functionality that eliminates having to enter data into Word®, Excel® or Access® and then having to attach those files to an e-mail.

U.S. Patent No. 9,082,095 for a “System and Method of Submitting Daily Field Reports” would be a critical acquisition for a software developer that would create field-reporting software for the telecom and related industries, or for a telecom company that wanted to have its own superior field-reporting system. Claim Charts for this patent are available upon request.

Word, Excel and Access are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Secure Communication among Devices (Zanguli): U.S. Patent No. 9,503,428

This patent covers technology for providing secure communications among external devices, public devices, and both secure and unsecure devices via either hard-wire (USB or Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) connections. Being able to communicate between devices – PCs, servers, thumb and flash drives, handheld devices, PDAs, cell phones, tablets and cameras, for example – is more important and more of a challenge than ever before! ID thieves regularly plant sniffer programs on both public devices – PCs at libraries, schools, hotel lobbies, business centers, kiosks and trade shows are just a few examples – as well as on any private device they can, and these programs detect and steal passwords and other proprietary data. By continuously changing, shifting and modifying the installed driver from the external device to proprietary protocols, the technology totally blocks the hackers!

This portfolio includes U.S. Patent No. 9,503,428 for a “Secure Device and Proxy for Secure Operation of a Host Data Processing System” and an open continuation, U.S. Patent Application 20170041295. The portfolio would be a critical acquisition for any software publisher or hardware manufacturer that wants to provide an added level of security for its customers.

Digital Safe with Secure File Drawers (Wu): Two U.S. Patents and Chinese Patent Application

There is an interesting scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Marnie.” The controller of the company where Marnie works keeps the combination to the company safe on a piece of paper in a desk drawer, making it easy for Marnie to open the safe after work on Friday and skip town for the weekend with the company’s cash. With a stolen password, anyone can do today what Marnie did back in 1964. So how does one securely lock away confidential computer files that are far more valuable the company’s petty cash? And be able to access them when needed? This portfolio includes not one but two solutions. The first invention covered by the first patent uses an account management tool with which the user can upload files to secure storage with detailed tracking, can grant access to others, and generate an authenticity certificate to verify the time and substance of what was uploaded to the digital safe. The second invention covered by the second patent goes one step farther by setting up a client-side encryption method, tools for synchronized encryption between different computers, and technology for creating user accounts (or digital file drawers), and tracking and granting access to the secure files.

Patent No.Title
8,140,847Digital safe
9,449,183Secure file drawer and safe

This portfolio, which also includes a Chinese Patent Application, creates the opportunity for a web-based business to create and provide a new suite of services to a new generation of customers, both consumers and businesses, with a minimal up-front investment and an ongoing revenue stream. These patents are available for licensing or, possibly, acquisition. The '847 Patent has 37 Forward Citations.

Interactive, Remote, Wireless Real Estate Transactions (Solomon Systems): U.S. Patent No. 7,664,801 “Interactive remote wireless system and method to assist in real estate transactions, and the like”

The invention covered by this patent enables prospective real estate buyers in a specific area to link up with a local real estate agent from a PC or smartphone, interactively receive information about the property, and make an appointment to see the property. One system provides state-of-the-art functionality for both home buyers and real estate professionals to:

This portfolio will give the acquirer a distinct competitive advantage over all of its local, regional and national competitors in the highly competitive real estate sector.

Improved Communication Systems (ZTE): Six U.S. Patents

This portfolio covers technologies for improved communication systems that include:

Patent No. Description
8,165,158 Method/system for processing messages and converged service system
8,706,825 Method and system for implementing instant message and e-mail interworking
8,769,025 Cluster server in instant messaging system and method for communicating between clusters
8,819,137 Mobile Internet service sharing system and method
8,854,414 Method, Application Server and System for Privacy Protection in Video Call
8,892,078 Method and System for Representing Multimedia Ring Tone For IM

This portfolio would be a strategic acquisition for a manufacturer of mobile phones, televisions, laptop and desktop computers, tablets, gaming consoles and eBook readers.

RFID for Supply Chain Management, Secure Transactions, Warehousing, Human and Animal Implants, and Manufacturing (Rodgers): 11-Patent Portfolio

In the past few years, RFID technology has found applications in diverse areas, and has become a globally accepted technology with a broad footprint. RFID technology is widely implemented in retailing, supply chains, aviation, healthcare, access control, ID/smartcards and public transit. The market for RFID capabilities continues to grow as major retail and non-retail companies implement RFID technology. RFID chips, implemented in access control systems and ID cards along with supply chain management and asset tracking, represent a huge global market. With recent advancements, the technology has found implementation in process automation, smart shelves, person and animal tracking, and automatic inventory management as well.

Applications for RFID technology include:

  1. Asset tracking and supply chain management

  2. Secure transaction using RFID cards

  3. RFID inventory tracking in warehouses

  4. RFID implants for animals/humans

  5. RFID chip manufacturing

This portfolio covers novel methods of RFID implementation in several diverse fields. Some of the more common applications for the technology that are included in the portfolio include:

Patent No. Title
7,561,049 Scope Reduction of RFID Medium
7,645,326 RFID Environmental Manipulation
7,649,460 Clip Chip
7,681,301 RFID Silicon Antenna
7,728,786 External Antenna for RFID Remote Interrogation
7,741,971 Split Chip
7,764,174 Collectable Cop/Spot Chip
7,777,631 Body Chip
7,839,276 Secure Self Scan
7,893,385 Method for Enhancing Gain and Range of an RFID Antenna
7,997,495 Precisely Tuned RFID Antenna

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