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RFID Product Management and Tracking (McTigue): Two U.S. Patents

You are getting ready to do the laundry, and you discover that you are out of laundry detergent. You go to feed the dog, and you are out of dog food. It is easy to remember to buy the stuff we use every day – milk, bread, orange juice – but easy to forget to buy items that come in larger quantities and are not purchased on the regular trip to the store. In a business, unexpectedly running low on supplies is even more inconvenient and expensive. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a system that notified you automatically when you were running low on these items?

Patent No.Title
US 8,284,056Product management system and method of managing product at a location
US 8,976,029Product management system

This portfolio creates a solution to this common and very real problem. Using small and inexpensive, weight-sensitive RFID tags, the invention covered by this portfolio has these tags attached to large-quantity consumer items – dog food and cat food, cat litter, laundry detergent, flour and sugar, shampoo, paper goods, etc. – so that as the product is consumed, and it reaches a re-order level, the RFID tag notifies the homeowner that it’s time to start shopping around for more of whatever is running low. One application for the technology is to have it notify the homeowner via a Smart Home system. Or the home owner can use a receiver to quickly determine what items are reaching the re-order level. A business can use the technology to inform the staff when it is time to order virtually any raw material – from copier paper and toner to industrial cleaners and lubricants – it uses on a regular or irregular basis. In a more sophisticated application, the RFID tags can notify a re-order mechanism that shops for prices and availability on the items to be re-ordered. The acquirer of this portfolio will be able to create an automatic re-order system for all of the larger quantity items it sells!

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