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Learning and Using Artificially Intelligent Interactive Memories of People (AwareGen): U.S. Patent No. 9,582,762 plus Two Continuations

Humans are only able to have meaningful conversations and interactions because we have recollections of events and previous conversations and interactions, and that knowledge creates the basis for future conversations and interactions.

For consumers, this portfolio enables learning the “interactive memories” of a person in conversations and interactions with family members, friends or others via video chat, phone, text message or other applications and devices. The system can, therefore, learn a specific person’s conversational style or characteristics including that person’s distinctive facial expressions, voice qualities and other idiosyncrasies for personalization unparalleled in any other technology. The system then enables simulating realistic conversations and interactions with the person in the person’s absence, after the person is diseased, or in any situation where a conversation or interaction may be needed with the person whose interactive memories have been learned. Once interactive memories of a person are learned, they can be shared with family members, friends and others. What is it worth to be able to learn interactive memories of a father, grandmother, spouse, friend, historic figure or famous person – scientist, athlete, actor, musician, politician – or other significant person for family members, friends or historic record, and to be able to converse and interact with that person when he or she is absent or no longer available?

For businesses, this portfolio enables learning “interactive memories” of customer service representatives, sales people or other business personnel in conversations and interactions with customers via phone, text message, video chat or other applications and devices. The system then enables realistic conversations and interactions between customers and an artificially intelligent customer service representative, salesperson or other employee based on the collective knowledge learned from multiple customer service representatives, sales representatives and other business personnel.

Current conversation simulators are limited to textual or audio simulation and are based on a person’s loaded social media records, blogs, email and other personal data or preprogrammed questions and answers. Unlike the robotic generalized nature of current conversation simulators, this portfolio enables simulating conversations and interactions based on a different principle – artificially learned interactive memories including video, audio and textual data streams learned from actual conversations and interactions with real people!

This portfolio includes U.S. Patent No. 9,582,762 for "Devices, systems and methods for learning and using artificial intelligence interactive memories" plus two continuation applications. This portfolio would be an excellent acquisition for any technology company or manufacturer of smart devices that is ready to take the interactive abilities of its products or services to the next level.

For consumer businesses, this includes:

Commercial applications include companies in need of realistic simulating of automated customer support, sales and other business functions.

AI Engine for Autonomous Devices and Software (Awaregen): U.S. Patent No. 9,443,192 Plus Three Continuations

Most devices – industrial machinery, construction equipment, vehicles, toys, appliances, control devices (thermostats, for example) and others – are essentially manual mechanisms that require a person to control them. Software applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, computer games, web browsers, media applications and operating systems still need human input and direction. Imagine these devices and software applications being able to anticipate and perform operations on a fully (no user confirmation) or partially (with user confirmation) autonomous basis.

The portfolio enables the learning of collective patterns of a device’s or software application’s operations by one or more users over time. The system then enables any device or software application to perform at least some operations autonomously based on the artificially learned patterns. A device’s or software application’s contextual information can also be learned for enhanced anticipation of autonomous operations.

This portfolio includes U.S. Patent No. 9,443,192 for a “Universal Artificial Intelligence Engine for Autonomous Computing Devices and Software Applications” and three continuation applications. It would be a critical acquisition for a manufacturer of mechanized devices looking to add additional automation to its products or a software publisher prepared to take its products to the next level including:

Devices that could benefit from this portfolio include:

Software applications that could benefit from this portfolio include:

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