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Patent Marketplace: Digital Currency Patents and Cryptocurrency Patents for Sale

Digital currency or cryptocurrency – the terms are interchangeable – is in the news every day. To respond to that, IPOfferings has added this section that will feature digital currency (or cryptocurrency) patents for sale. We are in negotiations with several inventors and assignees, and we will very shortly be adding several additional digital currency patents and cryptocurrency patents to this section as soon as they are officially available for sale. To be notified as new digital currency or cryptocurrency patents are added, send an e-mail to

Secure Payments with Biometric Authentication (BPS): Seven U.S. Patents Plus Foreign Patents

Processing secure transactions is a greater challenge than ever before, and the use of biometrics to insure a secure transaction is now a common practice. This portfolio covers biometrically securing the use of checks, credit cards, debit cards and smart cards – as well as tokens such as digital currency – to authenticate a transaction. If requested, it can transmit both the details of the transaction and biometric data about the user for double verification. This is not just an extensive portfolio, it is also foundational – the original patent in the portfolio has a 1998 Priority Date and 141 Forward Citations!

The portfolio covers both in-person (“bricks”) and internet-based (“clicks”) transactions. Included are transactions made with mobile devices as well as the use of third parties to facilitate the transactions as intermediaries between retailers and financial institutions. While the older patents have 1998 Priority Dates, the newest patent is enforceable through 2033! That’s 35 years of patent protection!

Patent No.Patent Title
6,728,397Check Verification System
7,231,068Electronic Transaction Verification System
7,349,557Electronic Transaction Verification System
8,485,442Electronic Transaction Verification System with Biometric Authentication
8,678,273Electronic Transaction Verification System
9,141,951Electronic Transaction Verification System with Biometric Authentication
9,846,875Electronic Transaction Verification System with Biometric Authentication

The foreign properties included in the portfolio are detailed in the Prospectus. Claim charts are also available upon request. Acquirers of this portfolio include payment processing services, merchant services providers, large online e-commerce vendors, amusement parks and other paid-attendee venues, contractors involved in fraud reduction, biometric equipment manufacturers that want to add an extra level of security to all of the transactions they process or authenticate, and participants in the blockchain seeking more secure digital currency transactions..

Peer-to-Peer Location Sharing for a Blockchain (Chainfrog): U.S. Patent No. 9,894,485 and Three Patent Applications

One of the challenges faced in the growing digital currency/cryptocurrency sector is communicating and verifying the location of parties to a transaction securely and reliably. This patent creates technology under which location-aware devices such as mobile phones, IoT devices, and autonomous cars can create a report of their location (Longitude, Latitude and Altitude anywhere on the globe) that is transmitted to a plurality of network-enabled devices over a blockchain. The location reports are linked to asymmetric cryptographic keys, allowing for proof-of-location and trusted identification of the location-aware devices. The patent includes linking cryptocurrency transactions to the location report, providing for payment by location, and adding an extra layer or security to the process.

U.S. Patent No. 9,894,485 for "Peer-to-Peer Geolocation System" would be a critical acquisition for any company in the digital currency blockchain space concerned with the location of devices, and for example, where exactly currency transactions are taking place. In addition to the granted U.S. Patent, there are three U.S. Patent Applications in progress, so this portfolio can be modified and tweaked over time to meet the exact needs of its acquirer.

Digital Currency “Clicks” Transactions (Moneycat): Four U.S. Patents Plus European Patent

This portfolio provides patented technology that will enable businesses – especially e-commerce or “clicks” merchants – to accept payment for products and services in digital currency. In addition to accepting credit and debit cards, merchants using this patented technology can now also take payment in digital currency. The credit card processing companies – or “Merchant Services” providers as they are known – do NOT currently offer processing of sales transactions made with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Ripple and Monero.

This portfolio will enable the company that acquires it to offer Merchant Services for the processing of digital-currency payments. That company will quickly own this new business segment in both the U.S. and Europe, and be the market leader with patent protection through 2032!

Patent No.Title
7,590,602Electronic currency, electronic wallet therefor and electronic payment systems employing them
8,051,011Electronic currency, electronic wallet therefor and electronic payment systems employing them
8,195,578Electronic currency, electronic wallet therefor and electronic payment systems employing them
8,712,918Electronic currency, electronic wallet therefor and electronic payment systems employing them

The portfolio also includes European Patent 1212734 for an “Electronic currency, electronic wallet therefor and electronic payment systems employing them.” The newest U.S. Patent is particularly robust with 23 Claims. This portfolio does have some restrictions and encumbrances which are detailed in the Patent Brokerage Prospectus. This portfolio will enable the company that acquires is to leapfrog the technology of all the current credit-card processors and create – and own – a totally new segment in Merchant Services!

Bitcoin Kiosk/ATM and Enrollment Center (Enter): U.S. Patent No. 9,135,787

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin has grown to become the most widely accepted digital currency. Just as the landscape is scattered with ATMs that dispense U.S. currency and perform other financial transactions, it was just a matter of time until Bitcoin grew to the point that Bitcoin ATMs would be needed, and this patent covers the technology for such a device. The invention is most comprehensive and includes a bill validator, bill dispenser, printer, scanner and/or reader, touch screen display, processor/controller and wireless internet connection. There is also an enrollment and security protocol that runs executable instructions, sending a receipt of a user's mobile phone, transmits a text message to the mobile phone of the customer, and confirms receipt and confirmation by the user. This Bitcoin ATM can work with a PIN just like a conventional ATM or use a biometric interface to identify users.

U.S. Patent No. 9,135,787 for a “Bitcoin Kiosk/ATM Device and System Integrating Enrollment Protocol and Method of Using the Same” would be a critical acquisition for any business currently manufacturing ATMs, or for any business looking to capitalize on the growth of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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