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Bacteria Biosensor Detection System (Edmonson): Two U.S. Patents, Canadian Patent and Prototypes

When examining a patient, and a bacterial infection is suspected, it is important for the physician to know quickly if live bacteria are present. Farmers need to know if bacteria are present that can be a threat to their crops and feedstocks. Food processing plants need to be able to quickly detect if bacteria are present in food processing, handling and storage equipment and locations. The invention covered by this portfolio addresses exactly that need by creating a low-cost, portable, easy-to-use bacteria biosensor that can detect the presence of live bacteria in real time.

Patent No.Title
US 7,651,843Acoustic wave biosensor for the detection and identification of characteristic signaling molecules in a biological medium
US 8,420,382Acoustic wave biosensor for the detection and identification of characteristic signaling molecules in a biological medium
CA 2520812Method and system for archiving biomedical data generated by a data collection device

This portfolio covers an invention that detects, isolates and characterizes the QS signals made by both Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria. It creates a low-cost, small and portable testing unit for at-home, in-clinic, in-facility or in-field use. It can detect bacteria in either vapor or liquid, as a breathalyzer-type bacteria monitor, or a unit that can be placed in a location to sample the surrounding air for bacterial-signaling molecules.

In addition to the two U.S. Patents and the Canadian Patent, this portfolio includes working prototypes, so the company that acquires this property will be able to go to market very quickly with a bacteria biosensor that is cheaper than current products, produces results faster, and can be used in many more locations and applications!

ID/Medical Data/Alerts System (Solomon Systems): Five U.S. Patents

What happens when a person needs medical attention, but that person is unconscious? Or seriously injured or disabled? Or cannot speak? Or is disoriented and not totally lucid? It is difficult to provide medical care without at least some basic health information about that person. This challenge – an increasingly common occurrence – is what the invention covered by this portfolio addresses.

This portfolio covers a health-record provisioning system with multiple advantages:

The portfolio includes U.S. Patent Nos. 8,181,862, 8,485,439, 8,833,649, 9,165,335 and 9,390,231 titled "System for Providing Identification and Information, and for Scheduling Alerts." Included in the portfolio are two Chinese Patent Applications and a PCT Application. Technology covered by this portfolio has the capabilities to save lives, and it would give a critical competitive advantage to a healthcare provider, electronic device OEM or smartcard provider.

Suture Anchoring System (Vita Synergies): U.S. Patent No. 8,709,040

The product covered by this patent, “The Knotless Adjustable Suture Anchor” (or KASA) was developed to work with shoulder arthroscopy to improve the stability of rotator cuff repairs and facilitate patient recovery. The patentee, Vita Synergies LLC, has developed working prototypes. The technology covered by the patent includes:

U.S. Patent No. 8,709,040 for a “Suture anchor, guide for locating a hole in a bone, and suture anchor delivery tool” would be a valuable acquisition for a surgical or medical equipment OEM.

Adhesive Free Dressings for Wound Care and Transdermal Drug Delivery (Jennings): Two U.S. Patents

This portfolio covers adhesive-free dressings for use in human and animal wound care, transdermal drug delivery and horticultural applications. The patent covers a sleeve that is shaped to accommodate a cylindrical body or plant part, and the sleeve has a lining that does not adhere to the body or plant part that is being bandaged. The dressing secures peripherally allowing the bandage to completely encompass a designated area without the use of adhesive.

U. S. Patent Nos. 7,645,252 for a “Body or Plant Part Dressing” and 7,905,852 for a “Skin-Contacting Adhesive-Free Dressing” would be a valuable acquisition for providers of surgical dressings, veterinary care products, transdermal drug delivery and plant dressings.

Bioinformatics for Predicting Unexpected Events (Air Products and Chemicals): Five U.S. Patents

The portfolio covers forecasting rare events in the health and biomedical industries. This includes advanced modelling, artificial intelligence, and predictive medical analytics with the goal of saving lives by predicting critical situations before they arise. While the value to the patient is immeasurable, the value to the industry participants is realized in the difference between the costs of a regular office visit versus a trip to the emergency room. These patents are applicable to medical data predictive analytics, home monitoring, and the wearable medical device markets.

Patent No.Description
8,073,218Method for detecting bio signal features in the presence of noise
8,073,870Methods for storing data
8,121,984Method and system for archiving biomedical data generated by a data collection device
8,244,656Methods for storing data
8,301,230Method for reducing baseline drift in a biological signal

This portfolio would be a significant acquisition for companies in the bioinformatics solutions and predictive analysis business that focus on the healthcare, insurance and wearable health monitoring devices sector.

Ultrasound-Based Diagnostic Medical Imaging (Ramot University): Five U.S. Patents

This five-patent portfolio includes methods and systems to improve ultrasound-based diagnostic medical imaging. While ultrasounds have been used for over 50 years to image the human body and diagnose diseases. This portfolio discloses technology that advances the technology in several ways:

Patent No.Description
6,858,007Method and system for automatic classification and quantitative evaluation of adnexal masses based on a cross-sectional or projectional images of the adnex SOLD!
7,248,725Methods and apparatus for analyzing ultrasound images
7,676,091Method and apparatus for analyzing ultrasound images
8,062,223Using pulsed-wave ultrasonography for determining an aliasing-free radial velocity spectrum of matter moving in a region

Logical acquirers of this technology include ultrasound imaging equipment OEMs, medical device and software providers, and medical research institutions.

Identification Assistor (MedID): U.S. Patent No. 8,127,996 “

This patent covers a memory device – such as a USB flash drive – that can store electronic data as well as electronic attachments and/or files such as personal health records (PHR). The invention includes a slideable, printable card that can be imprinted with text and/or graphics, can comprise data stored in bar code format, and can be imprinted with personal identification information and/or insurance data as well as allergies, medications and emergency contact information.

The slideable, printable card can also comprise a magnetic stripe card, an integrated circuit chip card, and/or an optical storage medium card, and the memory device can additionally comprise a secure digital card (SD card), a micro-SD card, and/or a CompactFlash card (CF card).

U.S. Patent No. 8,127,996 for a “Customizable portable identification and memory device ” has applications that extend beyond medical to include educational institutions, retailers, banks, biometrics, and human resources.

Medical Device for Hair Removal and Dermatology (Novalis): Two U.S. Patents

This portfolio covers technology for medical devices in the field of Medical Light Technology, specifically Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Laser. The portfolio addresses technologies related to hair removal and other dermatology applications using IPL.

This portfolio would be of immense benefit to medical device manufacturers – especially those in the laser and light-based technologies or those serving the dermatology and aesthetics areas – as well as dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

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