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Calcium Additive for Water and Beverages (Parvez): Two U.S. Patents

More and more Americans are being diagnosed with hypocalcemia – calcium deficiency disease – resulting in multiple symptoms that include easy fracturing of bones, muscle spasms and muscle cramps, confusion and memory loss, numbness and tingling in the extremities, depression, hallucinations, weak and brittle finger and toe nails, and – in some cases – even seizures. The cause is a lack of calcium phosphate in the diet that results in an insufficient level of calcium phosphate in the blood streams. Calcium phosphate is the proper form of calcium for imparting structural strength to bones, the same calcium that is found in milk. Calcium phosphate, like other forms of calcium, is completely insoluble and, therefore, not easily absorbed by the body. An effective treatment is to provide calcium phosphate that is in solution at the time of ingestion so it is available for complete absorption by the body.

U.S. Patent Nos. 8,840,941 and 9,386,796 for a “Method for Infusing Calcium Phosphate in Water, Juices and Water Beverages” presents an affordable, practical, easy-to-use and appetizing solution to a calcium phosphate deficiency. This portfolio creates a pleasant-tasting powdered mix that can be added to water, juice or any other beverage. The powder infuses calcium phosphate into the liquid where it is suspended at a very high concentration. When the beverage is consumed, the calcium phosphate is quickly absorbed by the body. This portfolio would be a critical acquisition for any beverage company – from bottled and flavored waters to juices, teas and other drinks as well as gelatin desserts – that is prepared to create – and OWN – a new market segment through 2034! The formula covered by this portfolio provides the same amount of calcium as flavored yogurt, but without the fat, calories, lactose and protein.

More Efficient, Lower-Cost Desalination of Water (Barhon): U.S. Patent No. 7,160,469

Many parts of the world today still lack clean drinking water. The desalinating (or “sweetening”) of salt water is an expensive process that most often involves reverse osmosis, distillation, electrodyalisis or partial freezing. All of these are high-energy-consumption, low-efficiency processes. This patent covers a desalination technology that is efficient and consumes far less energy. The invention uses centrifugal force to create water droplets that fly off at a high speed, and in so doing they fluctuate from a liquid to a gaseous state and back to a liquid. For the short time the droplets convert to a gaseous state (water vapor), the salt and other impurities separate from the water. When the water vapor condenses, the salt and impurities are left behind. The invention is energy efficient because it can operate at relatively lower speeds tossing off small droplets.

U.S. Patent No. 7,160,469 for a “System and method for efficient and low energy desalination of water” is a robust patent with 29 Claims, and it would be a critical acquisition for any business in the water desalination business, or any enterprise prepared to enter that business sector with a unique, patented process.

Next-Generation Real-Time TV/Radio Ratings (Dybus): U.S. Patent No. 7,797,186

What TV and radio stations charge for advertising is based on their ratings, and everyone knows that there are serious issues with how television viewership and radio listenership are tracked and recorded. For example, a device is attached to a TV that tracks what station is being played on the set, but who – if anyone – is actually in the room watching TV? The invention covered by this patent records what a person is watching or listening to by having the participant hold his mobile device or land-line telephone up to the television or radio. The technology matches the incoming signal to accurately and non-arbitrarily record exactly what television or radio station is being viewed or listened to. Through pre-screening or by surveying the participants, the demographics of viewers and listeners can also be accurately determined!

U.S. Patent No. 7,797,186 for a “Method and System for Gathering and Recording Real-Time Market Survey and Other Data from Radio Listeners and Television Viewers Utilizing Telephones Including Wireless Cell Phones” presents several intriguing opportunities. It would enable an enterprising business or network to create a totally new TV and radio ratings system to compete with the present providers. It also enables advertisers or broadcasters to perform their own in-house ratings. And it creates a system for organizations responsible for the payment of royalties to determine what is being played in restaurants, malls, office buildings and other venues. This Patent has a 2005 Priority Date and 24 Forward Citations.

Cholesterol-Reducing Nutritional Food or Drink Supplement (Karl): U.S. Patent No. 8,613,963

Wouldn’t it be great if those with high cholesterol levels did not have to take prescription medicines, but could simply add something to their food and drinks that would reduce their cholesterol levels? That magical solution to high cholesterol levels exists and is covered by this patent!

U.S. Patent No. 8,613,963 for a “Nutritional Supplement” covers a magic potion that is specifically designed to lower cholesterol by addressing multiple mechanisms including hepatic synthesis and release, as well as intestinal absorption of cholesterol, while also mitigating the side effects of the supplement and increasing its effectiveness. The effectiveness of this supplement is supported by a published study that reports the results of double-blind testing of 79 subjects.

The company that acquires this patent will be able to introduce an over-the-counter nutritional supplement that can be sold as a powder that can be added to food items or a concentrate that can be mixed with water or another beverage, or incorporated into baked goods by the purchaser, creating a new segment in the nutritional supplements sector!

Portable Security and Protection Enclosures (Hoeth): U.S. Patent No. 8,912,901

The invention covered by this patent is for securely encasing, tracking, monitoring and protecting articles of value for storage or transport. The enclosure described in the patent is equipped and programmed to acquire information such as location and travel history; internal and external conditions such as temperature and humidity; events such as openings, closings, locking and unlocking, and acceleration and impact; and image capture for a video or photo record of the surrounding environment. The enclosures are made of carbon fiber in an outer shell, high-strength and low-weight structural cores such as honeycomb internal structural layers, different types of foam materials for energy absorption, interior compartments for housing and protecting the contents, internal locks which can be remotely controlled electronically, and concealed case controls or an external control panel.

Any company, agency or organization that has the challenge of transporting valuable cargo – musical instruments, art and artifacts, wine and cigars, delicate electronic components or prototypes, for example – can benefit from the technology covered by this patent and accompanying U.S. Patent Application 20150130635.

HandyScore® Cardboard Scoring Device (SPS): U.S. Patent and Registered U.S. Trademark

This portfolio includes both U.S. Patent No. 8,844,144 for a "Handheld Cardboard Scoring Device" and U.S. Trademark Serial No. 8707922 for “HandyScore,” the brand name of the product covered by the Patent. The invention is ingeniously simple. It is a scoring tool that enables the user to score a sheet of cardboard and create a cardboard box of any size, shape or dimensions. This is a product that will prove indispensable to any business that ships out products! HandyScore is already being successfully sold online by the patentee, but the patentee and trademark owner have decided to sell or license the patent to a company that can take the product national.

This portfolio is an ideal, strategic acquisition for any office supply retailer or distributor, or any office supplies manufacturer. Included is the source of a current manufacturer of the product, so the new patentee can go to market with HandyScore immediately!

HandyScore is a registered trademark of SPS Packaging Supplies, Inc.

Smart AV Cart (Williams): U.S. Patent No. 9,148,977 “Audio-video equipment stand”

This patent covers a next-generation cart for audiovisual (monitors, projectors and sound) equipment, and addresses the shortcomings of products currently available. The “Smart AV Cart” covered by this patent offers these advantages:

This patent would be a key acquisition for any manufacturer of AV equipment or accessories, and will give its owner a distinct and absolute competitive advantage over all products currently available.

Speed-Controlled/Driver-Preference Adjustable Motorcycle Windshield: U.S. Patent No. 7,281,750 “Self-Adjusting Motorcycle Windshield” (Wise)

This patent describes a motorcycle windshield that adjusts itself based on the speed of the motorcycle and pre-programmed rider preferences. This patent would be an ideal acquisition for businesses in the motorcycle and motorcycling fairing manufacturing, as well as businesses seeking to enter these markets.

Financial Product that Aggregates Multiple Cash Flows (Walsh): U.S. Patent No. 7,552,075 "Method, Apparatus and Computer-Based Program for Exclusive Investment of Debenture Credit"

This patent (and a related patent application) incorporate the creation of a single financial product that includes a security arrangement, legal agreement(s) and technical management that aggregates the values of present or future cash flows from financial arrangements or securities offered by multiple entities such that the assets and liabilities are combined through agreements and other such arrangements to produce an enhanced portfolio value of the financial products.

This patent would be a valuable acquisition for any bank, brokerage house or other financial institution.

Product Marker System (Nightengale): U.S. Patent Nos. 6,951,687 and 7,163,744 - "Multi-functional product markers and methods for making and using the same"

The two patents describe structure of a polymeric fiber that can be used in a product marker. Such a fiber can store information either by combination of voids and grooves or by areas of optically detectable difference.

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