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Patent Brokerage

Among all assets, Intellectual Property – patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, technology and know-how – is the most complex. A patent that has little value to one organization can have immense value to another. The challenge is to match sellers with buyers and buyers with sellers to create a win/win/win outcome: A win for the seller, a win for the buyer, and a win for those who will benefit when new products and services that use the patent are brought to market. Whether you want to sell patent(s), license patent(s) or buy patent(s), or you are looking for a patent auction or patent marketing, IPOfferings is the patent broker firm that has the talents and capabilities to make it happen.

Patent Valuation

IPOfferings is the only patent brokerage firm to offer two patent valuation services: The Patent Value Quotient ™ is a quarterly report of actual patent sales that divides the total transaction by the number of issued U.S. Patent to produce the "quotient" – the average price paid per patent. And...IPOfferings offers three incredibly affordable Patent Valuation Services, a Basic Patent Valuation for just $300 and an Enhanced Patent Valuation for $900, and a Comprehensive Patent Valuation for $2500 and all can be ordered online. To learn what is included in each product, visit our Patent Valuation Services page.

Patent Value Quotient is a trademark of IPOfferings LLC.

We Help You Monetize Your IP Assets: IPOfferings helps inventors, businesses, universities, investors and other stakeholders uncover the hidden value in their IP assets. Call us at 561-948-0672 or e-mail us at

IP Consulting

We help owners of Intellectual Property better utilize their IP assets. This includes putting a fair market value on patent, copyrights, trademarks and other IP, performing an independent analysis of the patent portfolio, and assisting in the execution of an IP strategy and an IP lifecycle system. We also provide due diligence for M&A firms, investment bankers, venture capitalists, hedge funds and other financial institutions.

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