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When inventors, businesses and others approach us about selling their patents, they often do not have any idea what their patents might be worth. Companies that approach us about acquiring patents often do not know what the potential patent acquisition candidates are worth or what a seller might be willing to accept. To address these needs, IPOfferings offers three patent valuation services that are fast, affordable and easy-to-order.

High Quality, Yet Affordable: What sets apart IPOfferings’ patent valuation service is that we deliver a high-quality analysis by utilizing a senior licensing/patent brokerage expert in the valuation and review of your intellectual property. Our reports are not simply generated by an automated software package.

Basic Patent Valuation: For just $300, you will receive a report that gives you a current market valuation and provides a low- and high-value estimate for your US issued or published US application. A senior licensing/patent brokerage expert provides a market approach valuation taking into account several patent value metrics:

Enhanced Patent Valuation:  For $900, you receive an expanded report that is written and reviewed by a senior licensing/patent brokerage expert. It provides a detailed analysis that includes all elements in the Base Patent Valuation plus:

Comprehensive Patent Valuation:  For $2500, you will receive a comprehensive analysis and report that is written by a senior licensing/patent brokerage expert. It provides a detailed, in-depth analysis that includes all elements in the Base and Enhanced Patent Valuation plus:

Ordering your Patent Valuation is easy. Simply click the Order button and follow the instructions. You can charge your Patent Valuation to a major credit. All we need is your name, phone number, and e-mail (so we can e-mail you your patent valuation report back) and the patent number or numbers.

Typical cycle times are: 1 week for the Basic Report; 2 weeks for the Enhanced Report; and 3 weeks for the Comprehensive Report.

A Sample Report of each can be downloaded by clicking below or contacting IPOfferings.

If you have a portfolio of patents, contact us at patentvaluation@ipofferings.com for a volume discount quote for either the Basic, Enhanced, or Comprehensive Patent Valuation Report.

For a data sheet on our Patent Valuation Services, click here.