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Patent Marketplace: IoT (Internet of Things) Patents for Sale

Security for the Internet of Things (Svigals): Three U.S. Patents

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,319,404, 9,344,437 and 9,432,378 for "Internet of Things Security" discloses a security system that enables Internet of Things (IoT) devices to securely communicate with each other over a network without human intervention, providing an interface security device between each IoT device and the network. This interface security device may be implemented as a solid state device, a logic device or an application, and it scans each incoming message to determine its source and time. Each incoming message is only accepted when source and time of the incoming message is validated. Additionally, all interface security devices are synchronized periodically to maintain integrity of the time checks.

This portfolio would be a critical acquisition for IoT device manufacturers, security device developers, and data security software developers, as well as smart phone, PDA, laptop, tablet, PC, server and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Additional Internet-of-Things/IoT Patents

IoT (the Internet of Things) covers a wide area from what is referred to as the "Industrial Internet" or "Industry 4.0" to the "Smart City" initiative that is connecting cars, houses and wearables. IoT patents are in very strong demand, and IPOfferings represents several IoT properties. Because of the competitive nature of, and strong demand for, Internet-of-Things patents, we are keeping the assignees of these properties confidential so they will not be contacted directly by prospective buyers. Buyers will need to work through IPOfferings as the broker representative of the assignees.

* These IoT Patent Applications can be acquired as applications and prosecuted to patents, or an option can be purchased that will be fulfilled when a patent issues.

In addition to these, we are in negotiations to represent several of other Internet-of-Things patentees. For information on the IoT patent properties we represent, contact IPOfferings at or 845-337-6911.

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