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Inserting Content into a Media Stream (Exaget): U.S. Patent No. 9,525,897 and European Patent Application

This is an exciting portfolio in the highly competitive OTT (Over the Top) technology sector. This portfolio enables the insertion of personalized content into an audio or video stream so that the content is served dynamically without degrading the user's listening or viewing experience. Inserting a personalized message into a website page does not require precise time synchronization, while inserting personalized content into an audio or video stream is only effective if it can be done seamlessly so there are no gaps or dead air to distract the listener or viewer. The invention covered by this portfolio uses plural placement cues and an adaptive search window to accomplish the seamless placement of content into audio or video.

The portfolio includes U.S. Patent No. 9,525,897 and European Patent Application 2955927 for "Insertion of a Content Item to a Media Stream" and it would be a critical acquisition for any business that is generating customized advertising via radio or video.

OTT Program Guide (Fiero): U.S. Patent No. 7,865,498

OTT (Over the Top) technology is hotter than ever, but there has been a key element missing. When you subscribe to a cable TV service, it comes with a program guide: A list of all the channels and what is showing on each channel. As Over-the-Top video services start to cut into the cable TV monopolies, users will want to be able to quickly see what is on the OTT channels they are receiving. The invention covered by this patent fills that void. It organizes and locates the local broadcast services over a wide-area network and creates a numerical index that assigns channel numbers to each broadcast source. This patent enables device manufacturers, OTT software publishers and operating system developers to integrate a program guide into their systems that integrates search functions, channel surfing and directory services. In short, as OTT grows, some system has to become the de facto standard that will organize all the incoming streams of content, and this is it!

U.S. Patent No. 7,865,498 for a "Broadcast Network Platform System" has a 2002 Priority Date, and it creates an incredible opportunity for a hardware OEM or software developer to introduce THE de facto program guide for OTT content, and then license the system to all the other players in the industry!

Improved Audio for Virtualized Desktops (Shanson): U.S. Patent No. 9,282,360 and PCT Patent Application

This portfolio is also in the highly competitive OTT (Over the Top) technology sector, and it provides improved audio integrity and eliminates breaks or "stuttering" in the audio stream. When video is transmitted over the open Internet, random delays in the signal will occur. Viewers will tolerate a few dropped video frames, but they are far less tolerant of breaks in the audio signal that make it hard to understand what is being said. The invention covered by this portfolio eliminates breaks or stuttering in the audio stream by effectively re-multiplexing the audio/video stream on the fly. In audio/video data streams such as .mp4 files, the audio and video packets are multiplexed together so the audio and associated video are near each other in the file. Both are available to the decoders when needed, and this maintains improved audio/video synchronization.

This portfolio consists of U.S. Patent No. 9,282,360 and PCT Patent Application 2013112637 for a "System and Method for Maintaining Integrity of Audio Data in a Multiplexed Audio/Video Stream over a Low-Latency Network Connection." It would be a valuable asset for any business that provides video via a virtualized desktop environment.

Additional Over-the-Top/OTT Patents

Patents in OTT (Over the Top) content, messaging and related technologies are in strong demand. IPOfferings currently represents several OTT properties. Because of the extremely competitive nature of OTT patents, we have elected to keep the assignees of these patents confidential so they will not be contacted directly by prospective buyers, but those buyers will instead work through IPOfferings as the broker representing the assignees.

We are currently negotiating to represent additional properties in the OTT space. For information on the Over-the-Top properties we represent, contact IPOfferings at 845-337-6911 or

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