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Patent Brokerage and Patent Brokerspatent brokerage

Patent brokerage includes the selling and voluntary or “carrot licensing” of patents and other forms of Intellectual Property as well as their acquisition. And while IPOfferings does patent brokerage for both buyers and sellers, most of our clients engage us to sell their patents. Among clients who seek patent brokerage to sell their patents, most choose an outright sale over licensing, although IPOfferings can find both buyers and licensees. In addition to voluntary or “carrot” licensing of a patent, there is also assertive or “stick licensing” and that service is provided by a patent enforcement firm. If you believe your patent has been infringed, IPOfferings can refer you to a patent enforcement firm that can assist you.

Like a real estate or mortgage broker, as a patent broker, IPOfferings usually works on a performance basis on the selling side, earning an agreed-to commission on the revenue we generate for the patent owner. Since there are many patent brokers, the challenge is selecting the patent brokerage firm that can produce results for you, and do so in a reasonable period of time.patent broker

Specialized Skills: Unlike real estate and mortgage brokering, finding a buyer for Intellectual Property is the ultimate needle-in-a-haystack challenge. A patent only has value to the organization that needs it, while it has NO value to the organization that does not need it. So brokering a patent is a highly specialized skill set that includes researching your patent to determine its possible applications across different technologies and industries, identifying specific prospective buyers, and putting your technology in front of decision makers at the most likely prospects.

IPOfferings has the experience, expertise, skills and knowledge required to find a buyer or licensee for your patent or patent portfolio. At no cost or obligation on your part, we will analyze your patent or IP portfolio to determine if we believe there are buyers out there. Contact us at 845-337-6911 or

For additional information, please download our Patent Brokerage Services Data Sheet.