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Patent Licensing and Enforcement

In the world of IP, there are “carrot” licenses and “stick” licenses. A “carrot license” is one entered into voluntarily, while a “stick license” is the result of a patent enforcement (or “patent assertion” as it is also known) effort on the part of the patent owner. While owners of patents and other forms of IP would rather decide who can and cannot use their innovations, then selectively license their IP to just those organizations, things don’t always work out that way in the real world. Owners of patents often discover that their IP has been infringed, and they have to forcibly license their IP after the fact.

Patent Enforcement: IPOfferings’ patent enforcement affiliate will analyze your claim of patent infringement – at no cost and at no obligation – to determine if you have a viable claim. You have a viable patent infringement claim if the patent can withstand a challenge to its validity, we can prove infringement and there are sufficient damages to cover the cost of a patent infringement lawsuit, which can run into the millions of dollars.

If we determine that you have a viable patent infringement claim, we will offer to manage and finance a comprehensive patent enforcement campaign on your behalf. We take no up-front fees, but are paid a share of the total compensation – royalties, awards, settlements and other revenue – we secure for the infringement of your patent.

If you believe your patent or other IP has been infringed, we will analyze the viability of your assertion at no cost and at no obligation on your part. Contact us at 561-948-0672 or