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Patent Marketing: Marketing a Patent Is a Unique Process

Patent marketing is a totally unique practice within the scope of promotion, marketing and sales. IPOfferings designs, constructs and executes a unique patent…” and “…most real estate has multiple prospective buyers because the new owner can modify the acquisition to suit its needs. The new owner can add or remove offices, meeting rooms, retail space, or warehouse or manufacturing areas. Doors, windows, loading docks and other features can be added or removed.

Patent marketing is totally different because a patent only has value to a specific and very limited group of prospective buyers or licensees. And unlike almost any other acquisition, a patent cannot be modified to meet the needs of its new owner! As a result, a key element in patent marketing is the identification of pre-qualified prospects for the patent. IPOfferings has the expertise, experience, technology, database and industry contacts to identify the small number of businesses or other entities that (a.) have a need for the technology covered by your patent and (b.) can afford to license or buy your patent.  

IPOfferings designs, constructs and implements a unique patent marketing program – because each patent is unique and it only has appeal to a unique group of prospective buyers or licensees – for each patent or patent portfolio it agrees to represent. After carefully analyzing the patent, we develop illustrative evidence-of-use charts and other support documentation that form a marketing package for that patent or portfolio. Parallel to that effort, we develop a list of prospective buyers or licensees. We then present the marketing package to the prospective licensees or buyers, and negotiate and facilitate the process to a sale, license or several licenses. Sometimes we end up with a bidding war for our client’s patent! But that’s a good problem to have..

To sell patent(s) or license patent(s), turn to IPOfferings. We will develop and implement a unique and comprehensive patent marketing plan for your intellectual property. Call us at 845-337-6911 or e-mail us at