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Patent Value Quotient Shows Prices Were Soft in
4Q2013, and Show a Decline for 2013 over 2012

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The Patent Value Quotient™ for the Third Quarter of 2013 shows a continued softening in patent prices. The Average Price Paid per Patent for 3Q2013 was down from 2Q2013 at $142,416, but the Median Price Paid per Patent was up at $107,249. For the Full Year 2013, both the Average Price Paid and Median Price Paid per issued U.S. Patent were down from Full Year 2012 numbers.

However, patents are still valuable assets. At an Average Price Paid per Patent in 2013 of almost a quarter of a million dollars, intellectual assets continue to be the most valuable assets that many businesses hold!

The chart on the right shows the Average and Median Prices Paid per Patent for 2012, then for each quarter of 2013, and then for the Full Year 2013.

Each Patent Value Quotient Report shows the seller and buyer in each transaction (unless the sale was reported to us on the basis that the seller or buyer asked to be anonymous), as well as the technology of the portfolio, the total dollar value of the transaction, and the number of issued U.S. Patents. We divide the total dollar transaction by the number of issued U.S. Patents to compute the Quotient: The Average Price Paid per Patent. We do not include foreign patents or patent applications. For each quarter, we report both the Average and Median Prices, and each January we offer a Full Year report that shows all transactions. We reported on 35 patent transactions in 2012, and on 26 transactions for 2013.

We uncovered through our research two patent transactions from the Third Quarter, so we offer a Revised 3Q2013 Patent Value Quotient. Each quarterly report includes details on the source of the data and how the data was interpreted to compute the numbers that appear in the Patent Value Quotient.

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