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Audio/Video Search Engine (Fiero): U.S. Patent No. 8,060,498

Ever since search engines first appeared in the 1990s, the search process has been pretty much the same. You enter text and the search engine brings back a list of all the content it has indexed that includes that text. But what if you want to search for something by a different criterion – like audio or video? The invention covered by this patent creates a search system to find information, websites, or products or services via an audio or video search. And, it not only returns a list of results, but it includes a call-to-action – a telephone number to call, a link to click on for product information, an order form, etc. An audio/video search is to 20-year-old text search what Windows is to DOS! Users of this audio/video search engine will listen to or view the search results instead of simply reading them.

U.S. Patent No. 8,060,498 for a “Broadcast Network Platform System” is an especially robust patent; it has 17 Claims and a 2002 Priority Date. This patent would be a critical acquisition for any search engine that is prepared to move beyond simply text searches, and also provide audio and video search capabilities that would benefit both users and advertisers.

Bitcoin Kiosk/ATM and Enrollment Center (Russell): U.S. Patent No. 9,135,787

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin has grown to become the most widely accepted digital currency. Just as the landscape is scattered with ATMs that dispense U.S. currency and perform other financial transactions, it was just a matter of time until Bitcoin grew to the point that Bitcoin ATMs would be needed, and this patent covers the technology for such a device. The invention is most comprehensive and includes a bill validator, bill dispenser, printer, scanner and/or reader, touch screen display, processor/controller and wireless internet connection. There is also an enrollment and security protocol that runs executable instructions, sending a receipt of a user's mobile phone, transmits a text message to the mobile phone of the customer, and confirms receipt and confirmation by the user. This Bitcoin ATM can work with a PIN just like a conventional ATM or use a biometric interface to identify users.

U.S. Patent No. 9,135,787 for a “Bitcoin Kiosk/ATM Device and System Integrating Enrollment Protocol and Method of Using the Same” would be a critical acquisition for any business currently manufacturing ATMs, or for any business looking to capitalize on the growth of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Shopper-Friendly E-Commerce Shopping Cart
(i-CueDesign): Three U.S. Patents

Everyone who shops online has the same problem. You find something you want to buy, so you click on the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button. After what feels like forever, the “View Cart” page finally pops up showing your product selection. However, if you are not done shopping, you need to get back to the catalog by clicking on the Back Arrow of your browser or the “Continue Shopping” button in the cart. That will take yet more time, and it may – or may not – get you back to where you were! It would seem that 25 years after the launch of the Internet someone would have come up with a better system. Well, someone did. The inventions covered by this portfolio take online shopping to the next level by creating a Shopping Cart that records each purchase selection as it’s made, but does not take the customer off the page where he or she is shopping. The shopper sees an instant graphic message that a product has been added to the Shopping Cart and only goes to the “View Cart” page when he or she is ready to check out. Now isn’t that what every e-commerce website wants: Customers who can shop uninterrupted with no distractions!

Patent No.Title
7,346,555Method and apparatus for client-in-charge business transaction processing
8,489,920Method and apparatus integrating navigation and saving the writable state of applications
9,092,262Method and apparatus integrating navigation and saving the writable state of applications

This portfolio will enable any e-commerce website or online payment processing firm to leapfrog the technology of all of its competitors, and create a next-generation, buyer-friendly shopping experience!

Proactive Identity Theft Prevention (Page): U.S. Patent No. 7,540,021

The fastest-growing crime in America today is identity theft. They even make movies about it. Instead of reacting to identity theft after the crime has occurred, isn’t there a way to proactively seek out and stop identity theft? There is, and it is a patented invention. It is done with a software spider search robot (or “bot”) that searches for and finds transmitted personal information, then turns that data into a bit-keyed (or encrypted) array that cannot betray any information about the user. The bot can search for data along any predefined parameter – for a single individual, for example, or for a defined group such as customers of a specific merchant. The system BOTH pro-actively protects potential victims AND ensnares ID theft perpetrators.

U.S. Patent No. 7,540,021 for "System and Methods for an Identity Theft Protection Bot" would be a critical acquisition for any business in the ID theft protection industry, or any large provider of credit to consumers that wants to offer its customers an added level of security against ID theft. The acquirer of this patent will be able to leapfrog the technology of its competitors and enjoy a strategic competitive advantage. This patent has a 2000 Priority Date, so it precedes virtually all of the anti-ID theft technologies in use today. There is extensive Evidence-of-Use documentation that is available upon request.

Point-of-Sale Consumer Finance Purchase Option (Hills): U.S. Patent No. 8,788,353

This intriguing patent creates an opportunity for consumers purchasing larger ticket items from virtually any retailer or medical facility to have access to instant decisions for alternate financing of their purchase. The system presents the purchaser with an alternative to running up a large balance on his or her credit card. It creates a paperless application that is sent to prime, near-prime and sub-prime lenders. The invention covered by this patent works with credit card terminals or handheld devices, or via the Internet for telephonic or online transactions. This patented technology enables financing sources to reach potential customers at the point of purchase at exactly the time and place that they need financing of a major purchase!

Secure Internet Transactions (Svigals): Four U.S. Patents

This portfolio covers an e-commerce or data-exchange secure communication system with multiple advantages:

Patent No.Title
8,453,223Method, device and system for secure transactions
8,806,603Dual device system for secure transactions
8,997,188System for enabling a smart device to securely accept unsolicited transactions
9,009,807Smart device lockout

This portfolio would be a strategic acquisition for any financial institution, payment processing provider or e-commerce retailer.

Cross Promotion QR Codes: Two U.S. Patents

The use of QR codes by both online and conventional resellers (“clicks and bricks”) has grown dramatically. The inventions covered by these two U.S. Patents relates to cross promotion of products and services using either QR codes or any visible or invisible URL so that customers and prospects can be linked to multiple products, services, videos and other promotions. The assignee of these patents will be able to more effectively and efficiently promote multiple products or brands!

Patent No.Title
8,261,972Stand alone product, promotional product sample, container, or packaging comprised of interactive quick response (QR code, MS tag) or other scan-able interactive code linked to one or more internet uniform resource locators (URLs) for instantly delivering wide band digital content, promotions and infotainment brand engagement features between consumers and marketers
8,272,562Promotional hang tag, tag, or label combined with promotional product sample, with interactive quick response (QR code, MS tag) or other scan-able interactive code linked to one or more internet uniform resource locators (URLs) for instantly delivering wide band digital content, promotions and infotainment brand engagement features between consumers and marketers

This portfolio will give its new assignee a critical strategic advantage in the e-commerce space! These patents would be a key acquisition for manufacturers of QR, MSTAG and AURASMA code labels, tags and scanners, as well as code reader app developers. Ad agencies, retailers, service providers, packaging companies and other consumer products companies would also benefit from this technology.

Item Data Management (iTaggit): Portfolio of Five U.S. Patents and Three Patent Applications.

The patents in this portfolio cover methods and systems for managing item data for physical objects. This includes:

  • Data Tag Creation
  • Rapid Item Data Entry
  • Transferring Information and Records
  • Item Data Management
  • Physical Item Data Record Creation
  • Processing and Determining Valuation
  • Category and Collections Reporting
  • Computer and Cloud-Based Inventory Management
Patent No.Title
7,523,132Data Tag Creation from a Physical Item Data Record to Be Attached to a Physical Item
7,859,550Item Data Management over a Data Network for Physical Items in the Control of a User
8,005,874Data Tag Creation from a Physical Item Data Record to Be Attached to a Physical Item
8,065,385Transferring Information and Records Via a Data Structure for a Physical Item in the Control of a User
8,156,105Rapid Item Data Entry for Physical Items in the Control of a User in an Item Data Management Server
Application Title
20070182760Processing and Determining Valuation over a Data Network for a Physical Item in the Control of a User
20080288332Designating a Parting Price for a Physical Item in the Control of a User

Enterprises that would benefit from this technology include department stores, specialty retailers, big box stores and online retailers.

Mobile E-Commerce (Wenshine): U.S. Patent No. 7,925,515 “Method, System and Device for Enabling the Public to Access Organizations’ Directories”

This portfolio also includes a U.S. Patent Application, and it covers technology that both improves the purchase process and optimizes security, packet transmission and packet processing when using a portable device. The portfolio introduces an improvement over previously used electronic payment methods, and provides more robust security when making payments via a portable device.

More Effective Online Advertising (MakeBuzz): U.S. Patent Nos. 7,295,996 and 7,363,254 "Automated Web Ranking Bid Management Account System"

This portfolio covers technologies critical to effective online advertising. U.S. Patent 7,295,996 addresses methods that determine the effectiveness of a search term by collecting and analyzing data relating to the number of impressions, the number of clicks, and the sales generated by a search term over a given period of time. It also tracks competitive behavior and monitors the web for competitor’s bids on an advertiser’s search term, enabling advertisers to continually monitor and adjust bids and eliminate bid gaps. U.S. Patent 7,363,254 goes farther by covering a method that gauges the efficiency of a search term by tracking an online order or sale back to the marketing campaign. This enables advertisers to more efficiently manage their bids and avoid over-bidding, producing significant cost-savings for advertisers.

Likely acquirers of these technologies include search engines, Internet marketing companies, social networks and PR management companies.

Automated Insurance Processing (Seifert): U.S. Patent No. 8,095,393 "Method and System for Automated Processing of Insurance Information".

This patent incorporates a universal electronic insurance application form that is automatically created and sent and received electronically. This universal electronic insurance information form includes a set of common insurance census information required by health insurance carriers so they can compute and provide health insurance quotes, and the form is used to obtain group health insurance rate quotes automatically from multiple health insurance carriers.

This portfolio will be invaluable to any health insurance broker that services businesses, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and other large employers.

Filtering Electronic Messages to Prevent Spam and Phishing (Vill): U.S. Patent No. 8,230,020, Canadian Patent CA 2,484,509 and European Patent EP 1,792,464

This portfolio relates to electronic messaging in general, and particularly to filtering electronic messages in order to prevent spam and phishing. The portfolio caters to the growing need and demand for anti-spam solutions and proposes a method and system for filtering of incoming electronic messages to tackle malicious programs, unsolicited messages or SPAM. With unsolicited, junk e-mails becoming a nuisance for both enterprises and individual consumers, the market for effective anti-spam solutions presents a huge potential. Spam continues to account for more than 18% of total e-mails even after deploying anti-spam solutions.

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